"Hamburg is for Lovers"

About the Project

Ayoinmotion– “Hamburg Is For Lovers”

Director: Debashis Mazumder

Director of Photography : Dylan Marshall
Creative Director & Choreographer : Kristin Tolbert
Assistant Choreographer : Tumi Nkomo

Stylist & Creative Consultant : Natoya Cole
Lead Girl: Shelby Anise Hines

Emily Kolon
Naomi J. Mack
Aziza Dyer
Sharina Marisela Doyle

Guitarist: Justin Thomas
Pianist: Eddie Bolden
Back-up band girl: Brittney Jackson

Project Consultant: Andre Barnes
Behind The Scenes: Elliott Ashby & Dante Corbett

Rap vocals and all lyrics written by: Ayoinmotion (@ayoinmotion)
Additional vocals by: J. Alexannder
Production by: Youngr
Recorded Partly by: Paco Hanlon of Dirty Life Studios
Mix/Mastered by: George “Cylon” Casseus of Digital Harmonics
Additional vocals recorded in the United Kingdom
Cover Art Designed by: Sydney Brown for the INM0TI0N brand

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