Art House

Feature Film starring Greta Gerwig and Iggy Pop

About Project

A communal house left in trust many years ago to provide art students support in the way of free housing, Art House has accumulated its share of legends, lore, art, art junk and a reputation for hard partying. When a university dean and an influential descendant of the original benefactor decide to turn the place into housing for varsity golf, the residents’ only chance of blocking the move is to prove their value and vitality as an artistic community. The burden is on art student Nora Ohr (Greta Gerwig), who is energetic, compassionate, but by no means perfect. Can the residents of Art House get their act together and make a name for themselves as artists before they’re kicked out?


Starring Greta Gerwig, Iggy Pop, Hayes Hargrove, Chris Beier, Tim Brennan and Danny Mooney

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