The Alienware Games 2021 with GhostNinja and Skittlz

Influencer Video Campaign for The Alienware Games 2021

About the Project

CONCEPT: The Alienware Games 2021 influencer campaign featuring Fortnite influencer GhostNinja and RainbowSix influencer Skittlz.

RESULT: Royalty Media presented concepts to show the day in the life of GhostNinja and Skittlz which included showing how they produce their Youtube videos for their fans, and what they like to do in their free time to tie in that anyone can be apart of the Alienware Games. The videos existed on the Alienware Games tournament website and was promoted on the influencers social media.

Project Details

  • Video Concept and Creative Direction
  • Video Production
  • Editing

Misfits Gaming Group

M 14-30

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