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Thomas Mwicigi, a Kenyan native, started his Uhuru Clothing line in 2007. Since 2007, much has changed yet much remains the same. Right now, his focus is clear: Africa needs to enhance its image Africa as part of its efforts to continued efforts to grow awareness around its very real & pressing issues. “We need to educate and enlighten people who have a misguided opinion of Africa, and focus on representing an image and lifestyle that reflects who we are as a people” Mwicigi says. “I choose the name ‘Uhuru’ because of its significance in life (“Freedom” in English)…Uhuru stands for whatever one believes their Freedom is.”

To many, Freedom is having the power to do what’s right. There are many organizations & people looking to unite for positive change, and helping our African brothers and sisters in their time of need is one we can do that. That is what “Give Africa Hope” is all about.

When the team at Mango Music Management first heard about the idea, we knew we had to get involved. “We had a lot of good friends who could help,” says Mango Music Management’s Anthony Alexander. “We did what we could to help get things going & are very proud to have been a part of the collective efforts to make things happen”.

Give Africa Hope is a not-for-profit pursuit, uniting people & organizations from around the world to raise the awareness of famine relief efforts in Africa. This movement is far greater than just providing some food and water to residents living in Africa’s horn region. The current needs require much more ambitious aim and efforts than a single benefit concert. The job at hand requires collaboration & continued efforts, so Give Africa Hope requires the efforts of many in order to be successful. To prevent this horrible famine cycle that seems to happen about every few years, there is a need for advancements in agriculture, education, and creation of new sustainable industries in the area.

One of Give Africa Hope’s first initiatives involves a series of benefit concerts & artist visits to Kenya. Many organizations & individuals have come together so far around this concept & movement. Participants in the Dallas Event include Mango Music Management, Uhuru Clothing Company, Project Maisha (part of UNICEF’s iRelief Org), O.W.L. Music, Wash House Music, All Walks of Life (AWOL), Kenya’s 98.4 Capital FM, the Dallas North Hyatt Place, Music Orchestrating Miracles (MOM), Gramps’ Music Orchestrating Miracles (GMOM) & Dadason Entertainment. Artists participating in the Dallas Kickoff include Peetah & Gramps Morgan of Morgan Heritage, J Boog, Alaine, Anthony David, Jedidah, Slick D, DJ TopDonn, & DJ Salah.

Proceeds from the Give Africa Hope Benefit series will be used to bring teams including artists to Kenya and assist in the relief efforts on the ground, including providing logistics support (handing out food, water, etc) and further coordinating with people on the ground for on-going relief initiatives & efforts.

The “Give Africa Hope” movement was created to rally Africans & friends of Africa in the dispora to help with the relief efforts. This movement is far greater then just providing some food and water to residents living in Africa’s horn region. To prevent this horrible famine cycle that seems to happen about every three years, there needs to be advancements in agriculture, education improvements for locals, and creation of new sustainable industries in the area.

“It is really great how everything came together organically,” Give Africa Hope team member Ann-Marie Oyugah says. “We were brainstorming on how to do our part in the relief efforts when a close friend of mine, Thomas Mwicigi, designed a famine relief t-shirt to sell via his clothing line, Uhuru Clothing, to raise money. We discussed the need for large-scale collaboration & planning. A charity event was a natural first step and we all went to work right away.”

Donations for Give Africa Hope are being handled by UNICEF & Project Maisha. You can direct a donation through UNICEF’s secure site (any amount helps). The power of your donations is very measurable:

*$0.01 USD provides a vitamin A capsule
that will be used to prevent and treat vitamin A deficiency in children and adults, as
well as complications that may result
from measles.
*$0.07 USD provides one oral rehydration
therapy packet for one child to treat severe
dehydration and diarrhea, a leading cause of
death among young children.
*$0.60 USD provides 50 water purification
tablets. Each tablet is able to turn 4–5 litres
of dirty water into clean drinking water.
*$1 USD provides one packet of high energy
protein biscuits containing minerals and
vitamins developed for malnourished
children during emergencies.
*$6 USD provides three collapsible water
containers. Each water bladder holds
10 liters of water and is especially useful
for carrying water to long distances. This
water container is also very useful for
storing clean, safe water for everyday use.
*$25 USD provides 5 packets of therapeutic
milk. In order to treat a child with severe
malnutrition for a month, $113 would be
needed to provide the recommended
23 packets of this milk-based powder
*$54 USD can provide 150 packets of
Plumpy’Nut, a peanut-based paste
combined with dried skimmed milk and
a vitamin and mineral complex to treat
severe malnutrition. This paste can be
administered at home under a caregiver’s
supervision without any preparation.
*$120 USD provides 600 doses of measles
vaccine, protecting children from this
deadly disease.
*$200 USD provides one school-in-a-box kit
which provides basic education to at least
40 children during times of crisis that
allows them to continue their education.
*$222 USD provides one tent to be used for
lifesaving shelter or to support a clinic or
school in times of crisis. Tent prices vary
between $222–$2,000 depending on size
and material of the tent

*Estimated costs according to UNICEF

For more information, you can visit the official Give Africa Hope website at

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