Mango Sub-Label “JAB Entertainment” Presents Vaughn Anthony’s Life Of A Player EP & Mixtape

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John Legend’s Younger Brother, Vaughn Anthony, Releases “Life Of A Player”

Highly Anticipated Mixtape & EP Now Available, Upcoming Tour Announced

“…VA is quickly evolving into R & B’s missing intonation”

Los Angeles, CA, July 31, 2012 — Former Home School Recording artist Vaughn Anthony (VA) has released his highly anticipated mixtape, “Life of a Player,” today in partnership with Core DJs, JAB Entertainment (a sub-label of Mango Music Management), and Empire Distribution. “Life of a Player” features collaborations with John Legend, Rick Ross, Prodigy of Mobb Deep, Olivia and others.

For Vaughn Anthony, the music business is family business. Influenced by his family’s services in his grandfather’s church, VA was instilled with the same passion for music as his older brother, John Legend. After nearly a decade of training, writing, and perfecting his craft as a performer along side John, VA is quickly evolving into R & B’s missing intonation. Emerging from the shadow of a superstar has required Vaughn to dig deeper into his soul and allow the flow of his magnetic energy to speak volumes. “When it comes to my younger brother, he’s got to prove that he can stand on his own. I want him to be out there flourishing as soon as possible. Musically I feel like he’s ready to do it,” shares Vaughn’s older brother, Grammy-winning crooner John Legend.

“Life of a Player” is a project comprised of a free fifteen-track mixtape as well as an EP, both of which chronicle the trial and tribulations of the love game and the maturation of a man. “R & B is music that resonates in the soul and I believe helps to teach us about life. It instructs us about heartbreak, relationships, and helps to define what it means to be not only a player, but also a conscious man, a working man, and a family man,” shares Vaughn. VA hopes that his rhythmic style, powerful lyrics, and the personalization of his web community and blog will help him to reach a diverse audience of people going through comparable life experiences.

Vaughn’s melodic notes are backed by music from some of the hottest producers in the industry. Phat Boi (producing trio of John Legend’s recent single Tonight) from Home School Records produced five of the fourteen tracks, including VA’s lead singles In Your Shoes, Curiosity, and Hold Me Down. In Your Shoes features Olivia Longott from VH1’s Love and Hip Hop, re-incarnates the passionate emotions of an early Carl Thomas, and shows the thoughtful side of a player seeking true love. VA’s swaggering bravado shines through on Curiosity, boasting self-confidence that leaves women feigning for his affection. Blue Miller, lead producer on India Arie’s seven-time Grammy nominated album “Acoustic Soul,” is another notable musical architect on, “Life of a Player.”

Like in most dynamic family relationships, sibling rivalry and similar vocal timbres fuel a competitive nature between John and VA. Never is this more apparent than in the soulful duet of Hold Me Down, in which the two take proverbial jabs at one another as they battle for vocal supremacy. “It is natural for people to compare us; since we are brothers, we are very close. I take it as an honor when people say I sound like a 9 time Grammy award winner, ” says VA.

With the release, comes the announcement of the Vaughn Anthony Life of a Player World Tour brought to you by Jeff Wyler Automotive Family. The tour begins July 28 in Chicago, and also includes dates in Boston, Miami, and Los Angeles.

Fans are already responding positively to, “Life of a Player.” VA’s first single release from the mixtape, Hold Me Down, debuted #1 on new artist chart. “I think there’s enough of a difference to where people won’t just think ‘Oh he’s John’s little brother. They’ll think oh, he’s Vaughn Anthony’,” shares John Legend.

To download “Life of a Player” mixtape, please visit “Life of a Player” EP is available on major digital outlets including iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify.

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